Drink This: Big Grove Brewery Raspberry Que Sera

IMG_0557.JPGMan, where was this all summer? What a big grovewonderfully refreshing brew on warm Thursday afternoon. Big Grove Brewery in Solon just possibly made the perfect summer brew. If you like white wine, margaritas, fruity beers, or just beer in general then this is one you are going to want to get your hands on.

According to Chad Young of Big Grove, 20 pounds of raspberries were added into a 7 bbl batch. This maybe one of the best noses I’ve ever gotten off of a beer and it wasn’t that fake artificial raspberry shit either, this was the real deal. The smell of fresh raspberries that you picked at your grandma’s farm when you were younger.

It hadn’t made its way to the taproom quite yet, but as soon as Otra Vez kicks it’s going to be good to go and I don’t think it will be too much longer. I posted where this beer will be tapped around the CR/IC area but I’m not sure when it will be. But check out my previous post here to see where it will be. All I know is, when Mr. Young brought me a pour, the hue and the aroma beauty were backed by a tart, fresh, and thirst-quenching berliner-weisse. It also pairs pretty well with their strawberry cheesecake with basil ice cream. Thank you Chad!


This beer is nostalgic, this beer is summer, this beer is a beer you need to drink now!

Big Grove Brewery Beer Dinner Course Menu release info:

big groveSo far they’ve released two courses that will be available during their Sour Beer Dinner set for Monday, September 14th. The following is courtesy of Big Grove’s Facebook page. I’ll keep posting updates as they become available. My mouth is watering already:

Big Grove Sour Dinner, Course 1 (in three parts):

Welcome beer – Kroul’s Progeny (Raspberry 2013).

1. Green tomato cured scallop ceviche, textures of ripe tomato, parmesan broth.
2. Sweet corn soup, goat cheese creme fraiche, house bacon, chive.
3. Amberjack crudo with watermelon, jalapeño, olive oil, cilantro fleur de sel.

Paired with Big Grove Desperate Measures Strong Golden Sour.

September 14, Big Grove Sour Dinner, Course 2:

Drie Fonteinen Intense Red

Foie Gras terrine, cherry gelee, bourbon caviar, luxardo cherry, brown butter, hazelnut, and house-made brioche.

September 14, Big Grove Sour Dinner, Course 3:

Crooked Stave St. Bretta Pomelo

Smoked red snapper, summer squash, green grapes, toasted seeds, cucumber gazpacho anduluz.

September 14, Big Grove Sour Dinner, Course 4:

Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend

Olive oil poached halibut cheek, egg yolk pasta, roasted piquillo peppers, mussels, chorizo, preserved lemon, saffron mussel broth, oregano.

September 14, Big Grove Sour Dinner, Course 5:

Drie Fonteinen Hommage

Duo of duck; seared breast, crispy confit leg, roasted and pickled beets, ancho chile, blackberry, basil.