Ramsey’s Wine Bistro in Marion Hosting Tallgrass Beer Dinner Wed. March 15th!

tallgrassHidden amongst the throng of shops, stores, bars, there is a terrific little bistro in Marion, Iowa called Ramseys. One of my favorite places to go have a panini (the Italian is my favorite) and a hidden gem for craft beer lovers. Yes, it’s a wine bistro with an array wines, but Ramseys also has a stellar craft beer lineup as well!

Next Wednesday, Ramseys will be hosting a beer dinner featuring Tallgrass Brewing beers. The lineup is as follows:

Potato & Leek soup with Buffalo Sweat
Devils on Horseback with Vanilla Buffalo
Irish Boxty w/ smoked trout with 8bit
Bangers & Mash with King Buffalo
Burnt Oranges with Raspberry Jam

$40 a person and seating is limited so contact Ramsey’s at this number: (319) 447-1700


Old Chicago Coralville Hosting Tallgrass Tap Takeover Wed. March 23rd

tallgrassOld Chicago in Coralville will be hosting a Tallgrass Brewing tap takeover this Wednesday night. Tallgrass will be bringing some of their big guns from the Explorer Series as well as a pin called “Buffalo Sex”. One of my personal favorites, Big RICC, will be on tap as well. The complete lineup and release poster is below, make sure to check it out if you are in the area!

We will be tapping  3 beers from the explorer series. Bourbon barrel buffalo sweat, bourbon barrel vanilla bean buffalo sweat, and big RICC. We will also be tapping a pin at 5 pm that is called Buffalo Sex. It is Buffalo Sweat with chocolate and cherry!


New Beers Coming from Tallgrass Brewing

The following comes from an email from Tallgrass Brewing company. It looks like a pretty big portfolio change for the brewery out of Manhattan, KS. Some interesting and tasty sounding beers are hitting their lineup in 2016. Here they are:

The Grizz

Many years ago, we adopted an informal motto at Tallgrass: If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizz. Put simply, it means go big. 
When Buffalo Sweat was in development stages in 2008, “being a Grizz” meant doubling the amount of lactose and roasted malt we put into the recipe, and suddenly the beer took its proper form. (To date, it’s our best-selling beer.
When we decided to switch from bottles to cans in late 2009, “being a Grizz” meant going all-in with 16 oz. cans for our core brands.
And when we decided our lead entry in our 2016 Explorer Series would be an Imperial IPA, there was only one name for it: The Grizz. This bear comes clawing in at 9.5% and roars with fierce hop character from Cascade, Citra, El Dorado and Magnum hops. It’s the very embodiment of what it means to be a grizz.

Who had better face paint — The Ultimate Warrior, or Sting? What’s the best Ric Flair quip of all time? Which wrestler had the most iconic submission move?
When we weren’t experimenting with hop combinations and tasting test batches, we asked ourselves these important questions while developing Top Rope, our new IPA that pays homage to the colorful, character-filled world of 1980s and 1990s professional wrestling.
Like a high-flying leap from the turnbuckle to deliver a finishing move, Top Rope delivers strong hop punch – and finesse – with Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo and Bravo hops. Weighing in at 6.0% ABV and 80 IBUs, Top Rope is an IPA that’ll call you back to the ring for multiple rematches.

Tart and refreshing with citrus notes, Songbird is a Belgian-style saison that takes flight after it’s dry-hopped with Centennial hops. Landing at 4.8% with a light, dry finish, Songbird Saison is great for fans of session beers. As a beer with crisp, delicate flavors, Songbird Saison boasts a clean, simple look to match.

Baron’s Best of 2015: Part 2

best ofHere we go with part 2. Part 1 dominated by Iowa breweries so Part 2 I’ll mix it up a bit more. Once again, criteria has to be: 1) Available for purchase in Iowa in 2015 2) A beer I’ve ever tried before.



love buzz**Anchorage Brewing Love Buzz Saison – a style I’ve grown to love more and more and with Anchorage, Blackberry Farm (spoiler), and Lion Bridge constantly available, this is a style I’ll continue to enjoy! Roses, peppercorns, and orange peels star in this wonderful brew from Anchorage.

thresher.jpeg**Toppling Goliath Thresher – pale wheat ales were 1st introduced to me at Merkles’ Bar across from Wrigley in the form of 3 Floyds Gumballhead on tap. That was when I 1st started getting into craft so that beer and style are always exciting for me to try. Toppling Goliath takes a pale wheat and adds that TG IPAness to it. Very crushable and refreshing.

prairie.jpeg**Prairie Apple Brandy Noir
– enjoyed this bottle for the 1st time at Lincoln Winebar thanks to Jesse. Served at a perfect temperature, this beer was one to sip on and enjoy. Apple cider, caramel, dark fruits and a bit of burn from the booze made this a perfect winter stout…I just wish I had more.

photo (2)**Big Grove Brewery Trident XII – I think if there was a gun to my head and I had to pick my favorite beer I tried this year, this might be the winner. Melon and citrus flavors combine to bring this 11%ish double IPA seem like a deceitfully drinkable IPA.Plus, you know, I won my family beer fest with this brew.


ob.jpeg**Oskar Blues Death By Coconut
– I heard the 1st release of this was lacking coconut, luckily I got the second batch of this. This beer is an almond joy in beer form. Enjoyed it tailgating prior to the Iowa/Gopher game and hoping to see more of it our shelves. Oskar Blues outdid themselves with this one.


515**515 Passe  –  had this all the way down in Parkville, MO at the Parkville Beer Festival. Dave and company might have made the best pale ale in Iowa with this beer. The perfect combination of citrus and tropical fruit make this one of the better beers of the year. 515 is just a fantastic place to visit and I wish I could get to Des Moines more often.


talggrss.jpeg**Tallgrass Big RICC – I think if there was a vote on the best Tallgrass beer Big RICC might take home the gold. A 10.2% Russian Imperial Stout coming in a can that has a perfect balance of roasty malts, chocolate, and coffee. I hope Tallgrass keeps pushing this one down their lines!

Part 2 in the books! Let me know your thoughts!

Tallgrass Brewing Announces Core Lineup Changes

tallgrassThe following informations comes courtesy of Tallgrass Brewing’s newsletter. Some changes to their core lineup and the addition of 3 new beers and the subtraction of 3 as well. There will be no more Ethos IPA, Velvet Rooster, 16-Bit, as well as 2 seasonals Halcyon Wheat and Ginger-Peach Saison. Here’s more from Tallgrass:

Tallgrass Brewing Company Continues Evolution in 2016
Regional Brewery Announces Changes to Core Lineup
MANHATTAN, KAN. (DEC. 14, 2015) – Following a 2015 in which Tallgrass Brewing Company transitioned into a new $7M, 60,000-square-foot brewery, opened a brewpub and launched its Explorer Series line of specialty beers, the brewery shares details of additional changes in 2016 as it continues its evolution into a regional brewery.
Among the updates planned are the addition of three new brands into its core lineup of 16 oz. cans. Top Rope IPA and Songbird Saison will hit markets across Tallgrass’ distribution beginning in February as year-round offerings, while Half-Pipe Tart Pale Ale will begin shipping in late March as a seasonal release available through July. 
In an effort to refresh its portfolio and usher in a new phase of exciting brands and styles, Tallgrass will withdraw five 16 oz. brands from the market in early 2016, tightening the brewery’s overall 16 oz. offerings from 10 brands to eight. Brands to be withdrawn include Ethos IPA, Velvet Rooster Belgian-Style Tripel and 16-Bit Double Pale Ale, and seasonal releases Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat and Ginger Peach Saison.
Tallgrass founder and CEO Jeff Gill says the evolution of the brewery’s 16 oz. lineup is a natural outgrowth of the core purpose and values that Tallgrass has pursued since it was founded in 2007.
“Tallgrass was founded with the simple purpose to create and share,” Gill said. “That has always been at the core of our company as we’ve evolved into a regional brewery. As we continue to improve throughout our organization, we wanted to refresh our portfolio with beers and brands that are most closely tied to the creative and fun culture we have here at Tallgrass.”
Each of the new brands will be available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft in 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs. Top Rope and Songbird Saison also will be included in Tallgrass’ year-round, 8-can mix pack with flagship brand 8-Bit Pale Ale and the available Tallgrass seasonal. Additional details are below.
Top Rope IPA: A beer paying homage to the colorful, character-filled arena of 1980s and 1990s professional wrestling, with strong hop punch from Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo and Bravo hops. (ABV 6.0%, 52 IBUs)
Songbird Saison: Tart and refreshing with citrus notes and a light, dry finish, this dry-hopped Belgian-style saison takes flight with unique hop aromas and flavors. (ABV 4.8%, 30 IBUs)
Half-Pipe Tart Pale Ale: Half-Pipe is soured with lactobacillus, twice-kettled and dry-hopped to make a totally rad American pale ale with a tart kickflip. (ABV 5.0%, 30 IBUs.)
More information on these upcoming releases, including brewer’s notes and artwork, are available upon request. Samples will be available upon request after the beers are packaged.

Tallgrass Announces 4 new beers for Explorer Series

tallgrassTallgrass Brewing will be expanding their Explorer Series lineup by adding 4 new beers. According to thefullpint.com the new beers will hit their distro footprint January-April 2016. Here’s more from thefullpint.com:

Each brand in the Explorer Series will be available in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft in 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs. A mix pack box containing one of each of the Explorer Series beers also will be available April-May. The new brands in the Explorer Series for the first half of 2016 include the following:
  • The Grizz: Fiercely hopped and weighing in at 9.5% ABV, The Grizz is an Imperial IPA with a bright, juicy fruit-like aroma; strong citrus hop flavors and a dry finish. Available January – March.
  • Sweet Tooth: A complex, candy-like Belgian Dark Strong Ale boasting rich malt flavors and dark fruit notes wrapped in the savory-sweet interplay of a salted caramel. ABV 9.2%. Available February – March.
  • Biere de Mars:  A rare style. Traditionally brewed by French farmers in late winter or early spring for quick consumption, the Biere de Mars is smooth, malty and dry, with a toasty, toffee-like quality. ABV 7.0%. Available March – April.
  • Raspberry Jam: A light and refreshing Berliner Weisse, with its crisp natural tartness balanced by the addition of raspberries. Sweet yet tart, with an ABV of 4.3%. Available April – July.
“This next wave of brews represents our love of experimenting with new hop combinations and enhancing big beers with unique flavor profiles,” said Tallgrass founder and CEO Jeff Gill. “It also marks our inaugural foray into mixed fermentation and highlights our passion for creating beers with interesting histories. After launching this series with several barrel-aged beers and a Russian Imperial Stout, we wanted to explore an even wider range of styles and flavors we love.”

More information on these upcoming releases, including detailed tasting notes and can designs, will be available in the coming months at www.tallgrassbeer.com.

Tallgrass Brewing Announces Explorer Series Starting in September

explorerVery excited to share this news and look forward to trying each of these four beers. The following comes from Tallgrass Brewing’s Facebook page:

We’ve given you teasers, now here’s the full scoop. Next month the Explorer Series, a new line of specialty beers from Tallgrass, will officially launch with the release of Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat. More on the first four beers below and many more to come in 2016! ‪#‎tallgrassbrewing‬‪#‎craftbeer‬ ‪#‎explorerseries‬

Each brand in the Explorer Series will be packaged in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans. A mix pack box containing one of each of the Explorer Series beers will be available November-December.

*Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat: Tallgrass’ award-winning oatmeal cream stout, aged in bourbon barrels to create a rich, complex, medium-bodied beer with chocolate-espresso flavor and aroma with an oak barrel backbone. Available Sept-Dec.

*Big RICC: Russian Imperial Stout with coffee and chocolate. Bold coffee flavor and aroma with strong chocolate notes. Full-bodied and great for sipping. Winner of silver medal in coffee beer at 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championships. Available Oct-Feb.

*Wooden Rooster: The Rooster returns after an appearance earlier this year! Tallgrass’ Belgian-style Tripel ale, Velvet Rooster — the first-ever Tripel in a can — aged in rye whiskey barrels. It has a candy-like sweetness and slight spice, with vanilla, oak and rye whiskey prominent in aroma and flavor. Available October.

*Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat with Cinnamon: Tallgrass’ highly popular winter seasonal, Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, aged in bourbon barrels with cinnamon added during fermentation. Cinnamon is prominent in aroma and flavor along with vanilla, chocolate and espresso, with warm bourbon undertones. Available Nov-Dec.

New to Shelves: Barrel-aged Buffalo Sweat, Eric’s Ale, Ovila Dubbel, Pecan Pie Porter!

the sausage foundryQuite a few tidbits to get the week started. So much great stuff going on in the area. Many new restaurants out and open. I’m hoping to hit up the Sausage Foundry in NewBo sometime this week. Steve does great stuff! If you’ve ever had any of the sausage from Lion Bridge, Steve is responsible for those, so get out and support him! Everytime I’m at Lion Bridge I make sure to check what the week’s sausage is and when they had that mushroom sausage available, holy shit, one of the best things I’ve eaten in some time. This week they had Zivawurst, he’s making blueberry sausages using Oregon blueberries, last week he had lamb, polish, cheddarwurst, and I believe chorizo. I can’t wait to get there and buy 2 of everything.

And courtesy of Steve, I recently read about Sauce Bar and Bistro which is located at 1507 C St in CR. It looks like that will be my next date lunch with my wife as their hours are currently only 11-2 but I believe that will change soon. And we have a new double IPA coming from Big Grove this Friday! If you haven’t had Fear get out and try it! A delicious black double IPA, very reminiscent to Blakkr for me. Lion Bridge has their Untitled Saison back on tap and it is tasting mighty wonderful. Quinton has hit a home run with this brew!  On with the tidbits!

buffalo**Tallgrass Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat** I think this one will make many people happy. Tallgrass taking their beloved Buffalo Sweat stout and aging it in bourbon barrels. This beer will be available in 12 oz cans and will be available this fall.

**New Belgium Brewing Eric’s Ale** – the sour peach ale returns to eric's aleshelves (and probably already has) this month! Eric’s Ale comes in at 7% and is a member of New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Series. More from the brewery:

Eric’s Ale, named for long time New Belgium brewer Eric Salazar, combines a dry, sour beer aged up to three years in oak foeders with a semi sweet, higher alcohol base beer. The resulting blend is re-fermented with peach juice, creating a smooth ale with subtle peach tones and a warm, spicy finish. The aroma has pleasant hints of vanilla and tropical fruit, the wood characteristics are present but nicely muted.

clown shoes**Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Pie Porter – this beer will hit distro this fall and come in 22 oz bottles coming in at 8% ABV. I’ve really been digging Clown Shoes offerings lately and am looking forward to this one.

**Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Ovila Dubbel – the last time Sierra Nevada released sierrathis beer it was only available in California. With the expanding footprint and another brewery it looks like this might make a larger distro. Fingers crossed we get to see this in Iowa as this falls’ version will be aged in red wine and bourbon barrels. This brew will check in at 7.5% and will be available in 750ml bottles.

New Lips of Faith Beer Announced by New Belgium, Anchorage Saison, Tallgrass Ginger Peach Saison

lipsanchorage*New Belgium – Continuing on with the Lips of Faith series New Belgium has announced a future release and it will be a blackberry barley-wine ale and it checks in at a hefty 12% ABV. No word on when this beer will be released but stay tuned for news on that.

*Anchorage – I hope we see this newer release from Anchorage Brewing hit Eastern Iowa shelves. If you do see it please drop a line and let us know where it can be purchased. Here’s more on Anchorage Brewings Mosaic Saison courtesy of beerstreetjournal.com:

Anchorage Mosaic Saison recently hit shelves. The Alaskan brewery actually released this new offering on Mother’s Day, but as you can imagine (and if you have a map of North America) it takes a little time for Anchorage beers to make it to other markets.

Anchorage Mosaic Saison uses just Mosaic hops, and is fermented with two saison yeast, and two strains of Brettanomyces. Fermented in oak tanks (seen in the background).

Available now in 750ml bottles.

Style: Saison (Oak Aged)
Hops: Mosaic

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: May/June, 2015

6.5% ABV

ginger*Tallgrass – another Saison that will hit markets will be in the form of tallboys. Tallgrass will introduce us to their new saison, Ginger Peach and hit should start popping up in stores and on draft this month. Here’s more on this brew courtesy of beerstreetjournal.com:

“We tried several different strains of yeast before arriving at a Belgian strain used in the final recipe,” Brandon Hoag, Tallgrass brewmaster said. “A lot of the flavor comes from the yeast, but it’s the way it interacts with the ginger and peach that makes it slam on the taste buds.”

Tallgrass Ginger Peach Saison is available in 16oz cans as a summer seasonal.

Style: Saison (w/ Ginger, Peaches)
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Summer seasonal
Launch: June, 2015

?? ABV