Beer Review #34: Bells Special Double Cream Stout

We are going to stick with some stout reviews because they are tasting really good to me right now. Next stout up is Bells Special Double Cream Stout ( Although a sixer of this stuff is on the expensive side ($10-$12) you won’t be disappointed that you shelled out the cash for this. You get what you pay for and this stuff is fantastic! I bought a six pack at John’s Grocery (  in Iowa City and loved it to the last drop, thinking it doesn’t get much better, I get a tweet(yep, I tweet, big whoop, wanna fight about it?)  from Reds AleHouse (  in North Liberty, IA that they have it on tap! Terrific on tap and even better if you get there for Red’s 1/2 price happy hour. $2 for a pint of this is well worth it!

POUR: Dark black pour with a thick tan head.
AROMA: Smell of roasted malts,coffee, and maybe subtle chocolate.
TASTE: Roasted malts, a little hoppy bite in their and finish is smooth. Would go well for dessert or with it.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: Available at certain Hy-Vee stores and John’s Grocery. Also on top at Red’s Alehouse in North Liberty! A must try for stout fans!

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