Beer Review #35: Green Flash West Coast IPA

Moving on from the stouts and onto some India Pale Ales. I have become somewhat of a hophead this last year and after visiting Family Beer and Liquor ( and talking with their beer expert he recommend Ithat I give Green Flash’s West Coast IPA ( a try. I had never heard of this beer and was looking forward to trying it. Right when you crack the bottle the nose comes out and just slaps you in the face. Great hop aroma with the citrus characteristic really sticking out. The flavor was better with a sweet and smooth finish. This is the type of IPA you just want to stick your face in and go to town. It has 95 IBU so it has the resemblance of an Imperial IPA, also 7.7% ABV, it can knock you on your ass pretty quick.
POUR: Copper color pour with a nice white head.
AROMA: The hops are the star here, dominating hop aroma.
TASTE: Overwhelming hop flavor, but fantastically refreshing and sweet and smooth finish.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: I’ve only seen this at Family Beer and Liquor. If you’ve seen it elsewhere, please let me know!

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