Beer Review #41: Bell's Hoplsam!

Going to continue with the Bell’s Beers. Got a tweet from Reds Ale House in North Liberty, IA about their keg tapping of Hopslam! from Bell’s Brewery. Big fan of this brewery and a big fan of Reds. Since they made a big deal about it I figured this beer must be the real deal. 
Ordered the beer and looked like a nice perfect IPA. The aroma of grapefruit really stood out and the flavor of piney hops and grapefruit was creamy and fantastic. This beer is limited realease, I believe, so if you ever get a chance to try this please do, it is a must try beer! I also have to commend Reds Ale House and the Sanctuary for continually getting these great beers to the area for us to try. 
If you try this beer let me know what you think!
POUR: Cloudy yellow/orange pour.
AROMA: Smell of piney hops and grapefruit.
TASTE: Very smooth, piney, bitter, grapefruit, and creamy.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: On tap at Reds Ale House in North Liberty, IA and the Sanctuary in Iowa City.

4 thoughts on “Beer Review #41: Bell's Hoplsam!

  1. The Beer Counselor says:

    Amazing. Not my normal thing but could not seem to set my glass down. I often struggle with the high content beers tasting burnt. This one is so flavorful that this is not an issue. Thanks to the Beer Barron for sending me my bowling ball full of Hop Slam!

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