Beer Review #42: Shock Top Belgian White

Don’t let the name fool you, this is an Anheuser Busch product. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it seems they are hiding their name on the label for some reason. Anyway, tried and was not impressed, pretty sure AB is trying to take some steam from the success of Coors’ Blue Moon product and Shock Top falls way short. Almost an artificial fruit loop cereal flavor is way too sweet for me. This beer just seems to lack its own personality and is instead trying to be a ripoff of an already successful product and not trying to stand out on its own.

I know a few people who have tried and liked this beer, but my recommendation is to avoid it. If you want a white ale try Blue Moon or Millstream’s Johns’ Generation White Ale; both are much better and stay true to what a white ale is supposed to be.

: Hazy yellow pour.
AROMA: Smell of citrus, corriander, oranges.
TASTE: Artificial fruit taste, overly sweet. I’ll pass.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: This beer is available everywhere and is also on tap on many bars and restaurants. Could be a good start to drinking craft beer, but if you are already drinking craft beer then you don’t need to try this one.

One thought on “Beer Review #42: Shock Top Belgian White

  1. Terry Jacks says:

    I personally love Shock Top Belgian White, with the slight citrus taste. The best part for me is I do not have after effects when I wake up in the morning, like I do with Heineken or HB or other German or Dutch beers. Shock Top is my favorite no-hangover beer.

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