Beer Review #64: Point Horizon Wheat


I finally decided to give Points’ Horizon Wheat a try after walking by it many times at my local grocery store.  After being disappointed with their Belgian White I didn’t think I was going to be knocked coming into this beer….and after trying it…….. I was right. A flavorless wheat beer that did nothing for me. As much as I really wanted to like this, and in all honesty, I was really wanting to find a really good wheat beer to have around the house for hot summer days, this one just did nothing for me. Points’ products are readily available, even at my local grocery store in Mount Vernon but the two I’ve tried have missed the boat. Am I missing something, am I buying the wrong Point product? I’m not sure, I think maybe if I decide to go back to them I will go with their pale ale.  (

: What Ale

ABV: 3.65%

Purchased At: Gary’s grocery in Mount Vernon, IA.

Wheat beers have been really hit and miss for me; I’m finding myself less enthused about American wheat beers and focusing more on German style hefeweizens which, if you get a good one, are packed with flavor; banana, bubble gum, clove, citrus, etc. all in a really good hefe/wheat.


Pour: Cloudy yellow with a nice white head.
Aroma: Grainy smell, and a somewhat off-putting skunky smell.
Taste: A watery wheat beer, mildly refreshing.
Overall: D

Eastern Iowa Residents: I’ve seen this all over.
Would I Buy Again: No. Maybe a good beer for someone who is starting out drinking craft beer; a training wheels craft brew.

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