Iowa Beer News

This article is from Schlafly brewing website blog: Awesome news!

“A few months ago, we announced an agreement to brew Schlafly Beer at the new Blackstone Brewery in Nashville. With those brews scheduled to take place soon, we are also very pleased to announce that beginning in mid 2012, Schlafly Beer will also be brewed at a new brewery near Iowa City, Iowa called Backpocket Brewery.

backpocketConstruction will start soon on the 25,000 bbl Backpocket Brewery in Coralville, Iowa.  Jacob Simmons, the Head Brewer at Backpocket, worked on the Quality Team at Schlafly Bottleworks from 2006-2007 before moving to a brewery in Maine and then back to his home state of Iowa where he has operated a successful brewpub for many years. We began discussions with Jacob a few years ago about the possible mutual benefits of a new relationship.

21157216409201236329113nBackpocket Head Brewer – Jacob SimmonsLike the Blackstone agreement, this partnership will allow for continued growth of Schlafly in the Midwest and free up some much needed capacity at Schlafly Bottleworks in St. Louis. Also like the Blackstone agreement, it’s important to note that Schlafly will have no ownership stake in the Backpocket brewery. This is very much their brewery, we’re just lucky enough to get to brew some of our beer there. 

The new Backpocket brewery will share characteristics with the Schlafly Bottleworks brewery.  They will have a beautiful 30 bbl brewhouse, fermentation vessels of similar design, and state of the art bottling equipment.  Jacob has really done a great job to get the brewery designed and the project moving forward.

Click on the image for more information on the new Backpocket Brewery. 
To uphold the high standards of our beer quality, Schlafly will recruit a new team member. Working for the quality assurance team, this Iowa-based employee will also promote beer in the area. This is a very exciting time for us at Schlafly Beer and we look forward to meeting lots of new friends in Iowa for years to come.

Thank you for your continued support of Schlafly Beer.”

– Dan

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