Restaurant Review: The Pit BBQ; Iowa City, IA

I can remember the first time I went to the Pit. I was with my brother and brother-in-law and we had just drunkenly walked from Kinnick stadium all they way to downtown Iowa City. My brother-in-law talked us into going to this BBQ joint to grab some food. Upon entering the smell of various meats being smoked (not a sexual reference) made your mouth water. Since I was in a certain stage of inebriation I don’t remember exactly what I had to eat but I do remember my brother-in-law ordering deep-fried jalapenos and sweating profusely on a 45 degree day in Iowa.
Onto the current day; my wife and I take our kids to the Pit quite often. My son loves their cheese balls and also the vintage style arcade game they have there. I have fallen into a routine of ordering the “Slawich”. The slawich consists of warmed hoagie roll with tons of pulled pork topped with a nice refreshing coleslaw and pickles. I usually dump a bunch of their spicy bbq sauce on it. This is a meal for champions; filling, tasty, and unbelievably satisfying. The pork is smokey but not overally and coleslaw is just the right consistency; not too dry and not too creamy. For a side I usually go with their fries. They are the crinkle cut and are fried perfectly; nice and crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. Awesome!
We also sometimes order the brisket, fried pickles, and bbq baked beans. Everything I’ve had I’ve really enjoyed.
On tap they have Boulevard Pale Ale, Great River brewing’s red ale, PBR, and John’s White Ale from Millstream along with some sodas. My pick for BBQ in the IC area; check it out. (

One thought on “Restaurant Review: The Pit BBQ; Iowa City, IA

  1. Rex_Banner says:

    The Pit is a nice go to joint in downtown IC if you are craving some ‘que. The Baron mentioned how he likes how the meat is not too smoky. I believe that it not nearly smoky enough. On my previous trip to the pit, I ordered a sliced brisket sandwich. Since brisket is a cut that takes an extremely long time to smoke, it should have the most pronounced smoky flavor. The sandwich that I got had virtually no smoke to it. It tasted like a sliced roast beef sandwich. And sometimes the pork is not smoky enough for my tastes too. Sides are good and they’re chicken wings are awesome. I just wish the had more smoke to it. Maybe it’s the wood they use. Shit, maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

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