Beer Review #65: Lakefront Fuel Cafe Stout

Style: Sweet Stout

ABV: 4.4%

Purchased at: Woodmans Grocery in Madison, WI

This beer takes a well-known coffee from Milwaukee, Fuel Cafe coffee, and uses that along with roasted malts to create this brew.

Really had high hopes when I popped this beer open. Love coffee stouts. I think creamy, coffee flavored beer with some chocolate undertones. However, with this beer I wasn’t impressed. It seems that the balance wasn’t there with the beer and it was almost sharp like a porter instead of creamy like a stout. Don’t get me wrong, not a terrible beer by any means, I think I just had too high of hopes. You still get the roasted malt flavor along with barley, chocolate, and of course the coffee flavor is very present.

Maybe it was just that it wasn’t as smooth for me making it less than desirable to have another one. One was fine, but after that I’m going to be looking elsewhere for a stout.

Pour: Dark black pour with a tan head.
Aroma: Roasted malt and the dominate coffee smell.
Taste: All the flavors are there, they just don’t mesh well for some reason. Coffee, chocolate, malts, just not as smooth.
Overall: C

Eastern Iowa Residents: Pretty sure Lakefront does not distribute to Iowa anymore so Illinois or Wisconsin would be your best bet.
Would I Buy Again: Probably not. So many good stouts out there and this was just average.

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