Tailgating Beers 2011

With tailgating right around the corner as college football season approaches an important topic to cover is what to drink. Now, I know most people are already set with picking up a case or 30 at the local gas station but if you are not interested in drinking Bud/Miller/Coors products here is a list of a few beers available in cans that you can go with. These are all craft beers so check them out!

*Great River Brewing Pale Ale- I put this beer first because it is an Iowa brew, it is also a pretty drinkable pale ale. It comes in tallboy looking cans and is available at Johns in Iowa City and most Hy-Vee liquor stores.

*New Belgium Fat Tire – Not as good as in the bottle but still passable. The only thing is the price tag at $15 a 12-pack which would make most people balk.

*Point Products- I’ve seen Nude Beach from point at Hy-Vee liquor stores. Think a milder Blue Moon.

*Grain Belt- Just saw the cans for the first time at Johncey’s in North Liberty, IA. Your traditional American lager but not owned by the big corporations, not yet anyway.

*Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale- This will be at my first tailgate this year. Highly drinkable brown ale, sweet, caramelly, and smooth. Available at most Hy-Vees.

*O’Fallon Wheach- Another one that will be at my tailgate. A wheat beer brewed with peaches, this will come in handy for the first few sweating your ass off Hawkeye games.

*If you are willing to travel you can hit Illinois or Wisconsin for a much bigger selection of canned craft beers. Going with the ones listed above I also have a 12 pack of Magic Hat #9 and hopefully my brother-in-law from Indiana will be bringing back some Sun King products! Anything I missed? Please add to the list!!

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