Beer Review #71: Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale Ale

I fell in love with Great Divide ( products two years ago on my first trip out to Denver, CO. We hit a Rockies game and then decided to try Great Divide brewery and it would turn out to be one of the best ideas ever. We enjoyed trying many of their beers; Raspberry Ale, Yeti products, DPA, Titan, and many more. The bartenders were knowledgeable and the atmosphere was fantastic. Upon returning to the great state of Iowa, on one of my frequent trips to East Dubuque, IL to get some good brew I noticed they had Great Divide products!! I was ecstatic! They had the Yeti, Raspberry, and Titan, but I also noticed a bomber bottle of Fresh Hop Ale so I went with it.
The commercial description of Fresh Hop from Great Divide is:
“Brewing with fresh hops is a big endeavor, requiring four to five times the hop volume compared to using pelletized hops. Although the process is complex, it brings impressive results: Fresh Hop is an American-style pale ale with moderate hop bitterness marked by a unique and intensely grassy hop flavor and aroma.”
Shared this brew with my brother and we both thought it was damn good. To the review!!

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 6.1%

Purchased at: Family Beer and Liquor; East Dubuque, IL

Pour: Hazy orange, amber pour with nice white head.
Aroma: Tropical fruit and grassy smell.
Taste: Medium bodied hops with citrus and spice, a little grassy.
Overall: B+

Eastern Iowa Residents: Pretty sure that Great Divide has had to pull out of Illinois also due to high demand, but keep an eye out anywhere you go because hopefully it will be returning soon.

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