Restaurant Review: Zeppelins; Cedar Rapids, IA

Reviewing based on my 2nd trip to Zeppelins in Cedar Rapids. My wife and I took both our kids out to eat and decided on this place. We had been here once previously and had enjoyed our experience. Walking into the place it has a really nice decor and the bar area is very nice. The first thing I always check is the beer selection and Zeppelins was surprisingly good, actually it was fantastic. They had a few seasonals and then many local brews; including stuff from Great River in Davenport, Peace Tree in Knoxville, but they also had one of my favorites; Bells Two Hearted Ale. Anytime that is offered on tap I am a happy man.
We were there on a Sunday, and they still had happy hour 2 for 1 specials which is always a nice treat.

My wife and I each had a Great River Stout, which is very good on tap. We also shared an appetizer of their cheese wontons which are served with some excellent honey mustard sauce.
My wife ordered a steak sandwich and I had the Zeppelin burger which was a burger with fried onions, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, and a few strips of bacon. Both meals were fantastic! I would definitely get either meal again; my five-year olds’ chicken strips were very good as well. Family friendly, good food, good beer, tough to beat that combination. I think one downfall many people would see, would be the price. But I’m a believer in you pay for what you get and at Zeppelins you get some really excellent food. If you are in the Cedar Rapids area and want some great food, (not only burgers, but steaks, seafood, etc.) check it out! Check out the menu here!

One thought on “Restaurant Review: Zeppelins; Cedar Rapids, IA

  1. The Beer Counselor says:

    I have taken my wife to Zeppelin’s twice as well for date nights. Great atmosphere. I have to agree that the cheese wontons with the honey mustard sauce are amazing. My wife and I have actually discussed stopping in for just those and drinks for an appetizer night before a movie. In my two visits I have had Peace Tree’s Imperial Stout and Hop Wrangler on tap. I follow the philosophy that I don’t mind paying more for a quality meal or great beer and Zeppelin’s embodies that philosophy. They aren’t giving their meals away but they are offering great quality in exchange for the prices.

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