Guest Review by sLiM: New Glarus Apple Ale

Thanks to sLiM for another great review!

ABV: 4%

Style-Fruit Ale

As mentioned in earlier articles. New Glarus Brewing makes some of the best beers available in the country. I always make sure to get some anytime I am near Wisconsin. On my last trip, I visited Prairie Du Chien with some friends. I was planning on getting some various WI brews but I ended up leaving only with New Glarus products. One of them was a beer I haven’t tried before; Apple Ale. It is a thumbprint series beer that the clerk informed me is only available for 2 months a year. I sometimes enjoy the products of Woodchuck Cider which I do not believe is actually considered beer. This is, however, so I was hoping it would be a little different. It ended up being quite similar. It did not have as strong of an apple taste as the cider does, which I liked, but it still didn’t taste like I was drinking a beer. New Glarus makes some great fruit beers (see Belgian Red review) , but I don’t think this was quite on par with those.

Pour-Copper/light brown pour with very little head
Aroma-Nice apple aroma, no hints of anything else
Taste-Good solid apple taste; not too overbearing (Those of you who have ever tried Wild Blueberry Ale from a brewery that I can’t name right at the moment, it’s available around Iowa; will appreciate not getting flooded by alcohol and fruit flavor), unfortunately not much of what makes a beer taste like a beer.

Overall- C+. This is a good change of pace brew but nothing remarkable. Still, you have to appreciate how many different offerings a smaller brewery like New Glarus is consistently making available. A big reason they have been so successful is their creativity. A big part of brewing is and always will be a trial and error. This would still be considered a god beer by many peoples’ standards. But since I knew it was from New Glarus, I was kind of disappointed, guess that shows just how far they have come as a brewery.

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