IaBeerBaron 5th Annual Family Beer Festival Results

Ok, finally getting to this. I’m pretty sure I have them in the right order, we lost the sheet but I think this is correct; if not someone let me know.
This years beerfest was marked by the unprecedented third straight victory for the IaBeerBaroness; another important feat accomplished was the first Iowa brewed beer won the competition. A very good selection this year, maybe the best. Notable happenings were the bringing of Bells Two Hearted Ale by two different people and having them finish in different spots (it’s a blind testing). Also, the argument between the ladies and gents over IPAs. The women do not like them, but they guys do. We did have IPAs show well, but not win. Onto the results.

1st PLACE: Great River Brewing Coffee Stout  —- an easy victory here as the Baronness delivers again.

2nd PLACE: Bells Two Hearted Ale —– my clear-cut favorite, the aroma won over the ladies, but the hops did not.


3rd PLACE: Victory Hop Devil —– a surprising third; either showing that hops are coming on or that they will never get 1st


4th PLACE: Celis Raspberry Wheat — I thought this one was terrible, but I don’t speak for everyone (I probably should though).


5th PLACE: Bells Two Hearted Ale — not a typo, entered twice and finished in two different spots.


6th PLACE: Left Hand Milk Stout —- One of my favorites, but this bottle tasted way off for some reason.


7th PLACE: New Belgium Fat Tire — A few years ago this might have won it.




8th PLACE:  Stone IPA — my entry into the festival; thought I had shot; love this beer! I stand by my entry!!

9th PLACE: Potosi Porter — Another last place finish for Tees Dees. He should have brought some Sun King from Indy.

Anyway, another great year, another fun year, but this one had more controversy to go along with the tasting. The Baroness continues to sit at the top of the throne, but is a marked lady as the rest of the family is already looking forward to next year.

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