Beer and Baseball: Match Made in Heaven

My family and I are heading to Los Angeles in July to catch a Dodger game or two. It’s going to be a pretty special event as my son has never been to a Dodger game and he is really caught up in baseball right now, and my parents, who have been Dodger fans forever, are also coming along. It should be great, but to make it even better would be to have some great craft beer to drink at the ball game.
I understand that nostalgia plays a big role in baseball. So when you go to Wrigley, slamming back a few Old Style’s is the way to go. But, on this trip to LA, I’m looking for more. So, I’ve done some research, and with some help from a few other websites and blogs have found that craft beer is booming at MLB parks; and below is a list of beers available at some of them. One thing to keep in mind, no matter what. Is that the prices are suck terribly.

I’ll start with my team. Well…. I wished I wouldn’t have researched it. It looks like the only options that I’ve seen are Firestone Walker and Sam Adams. The Firestone Walker will cost around $13. Not sure the wallet will be able to handle too many of those. Damn!!!!!!!

Philladephia Phillies
Might have to go to a Phillies game just to drink their beer. Awesome selection! Dogfish Head, Troegs, Victory, Sierra Nevada, and many others! Maybe the best park to drink craft at.

Getting closer to Iowa.

Chicago White Sox
Not a whole lot, but still some solid choices. You could have Bell’s Oberon and many of the Leinenkugel’s products are available as well.

Chicago Cubs
Old Style. The last time I was there I believe I had something from Goose Island as well? Can’t remember what? Anyone wanna fill this one in?

Kansas City Royals
Boulevard products and New Belgium as well. While watching the Royals on TV I noticed their postgame is sponsored by Boulevard. Love that they keep the big 3 out of that.

Minnesota Twins
Maybe the midwest winner here. Surly has exclusive rights to sell Bandwagon at Target Field and other Surly products as well as Summit and Grain Belt. Worth the trip to watch the pathetic Twins this year.

St. Louis Cardinals
Pretty nice selection. Boulevard, O’Fallon, Schlafly, and New Belgium.

Want more fields? Check out for more. Lots of great options!

Another link to check out:

Let me know if I missed anything!


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