Iowa Brewery News: Milllstream Releases

Millstream Brewing out of Amana has a couple of beers about to hit the shelves. Both are re-releases, although one was only on tap at the brewery a few years ago. The first one is their Hefe”r”weissen. Here’s Millstreams’ description of this brew:
“Our Summer Seasonal beer is about to be released in just a few short days.  June 6th we will be bottling this anticipated brew! Our German-styled Hefeweissen is quite sweet and fruity, with a full body and light in color.  Other flavors that can be savored are banana and cloves.  Hefeweizens are very lightly hopped so they have very little bitterness and harshness.  German wheat beer brewers do not add coriander or other botanicals and spices to their beer as Belgian brewers do. This is the main difference between a Hefeweissen and a Belgian Wit Style Beer.
 “Hefe” means yeast, “Weizen” means wheat.  Hefeweizen is a top fermented, unfiltered, bottle conditioned wheat beer with a noticeable yeast sediment and a cloudy appearance.  It is left unfiltered for extra flavor and aroma.”

Their other beer about to be released is part of their Brewmasters’ Extreme Series, it is Raspberry Trippel. From the brewery:
“For those of you anticipating our next high gravity beer, it’s about to be released.  On June 6th we will be bottling our Raspberry Tripel. This brew was first brewed and only available on tap at the brewery in 2010.  It was brought back into production at the request of our customers at Millstream.   This beer is brewed with real raspberries and has a big nose of fresh raspberry notes.  It is very smooth with a mellow raspberry  and whole grain flavor that has a subtle tartness in the end.  This unfiltered Belgian Tripel has a light yellow/pinkish color and carries the alcoholic warmth of a well done high gravity beer. “

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