Cityview Brewfest Des Moines, IA; July 14th 2012

This weekend Cityview Brewfest will be located at Principal Park in downtown Des Moines. There will be 450 beers and admission $28 at the door and includes unlimited samples. This years list of beers will come from the following breweries:
*Anchor Brewing; San Francisco, CA
*August Schell
*Backpocket Brewing; Coralville, IA
*Bells Brewing
*Big Sky Brewing
*Boston Brewing Co.
*Boulevard Brewing
*Breckenridge Brewing
*Buffalo Bills Brewing
*Brau Brothers
*Capital Brewing
*Chameleon Brewing
*Widmer Brothers
*Redhook Brewing
*Fort Collins Brewing
*Toppling Goliath; Decorah, IA
*Granite City
*Great River Brewing
*Lakefront Brewing
*Lost Coast Brewing
*Madhouse Brewing; Newton, IA
*Sierra Nevada and many more…

Check out the video below or follow the link for more information.

5 thoughts on “Cityview Brewfest Des Moines, IA; July 14th 2012

  1. Slim says:

    I will be at work while this event is taking place…and I am going to be hating every single fucking minute of it. Even if I have a career day in sales, that will not come close to easing the pain caused from missing this event. It will truly be a sad day for this beer lover…

  2. gb says:

    I might be wrong, please correct me if so, but this event has a light-weight feel to it in terms of interesting craft beer. For instance, I see the top brewery listed is Anchor. Now, Anchor is an awesome brewery, but I suspect it will be a volunteer pouring the same Anchor products from a bottle that are available at HyVee. Please tell me I’m way off, and that Anchor will be sending kegs of more interesting offerings such as their recently released Mild.

    • iabeerbaron says:

      Hi GB,
      I would love to tel you that your are wrong, but I’m guessing you are spot on. Volunteer pouring would be my guess. I would just go for the Iowa based brews; there might be a few big breweries with kegs of fresh beer, but not many.

      • gb says:

        Thanks for the info. I never know what to expect from these. The Craft beer fest a couple weeks ago was pretty decent with a solid Iowa representation. I’ve been to too many other events where the lines are long, and there are few brewers or interesting selections. I guess you take a shot… it’s beer, how bad can it be?

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