Distribution News: Green Flash, Lagunitas, Terrapin, Bells cans?

A lot to talk about this week in regards to distribution to Eastern Iowa. We have some good news and some bad news, or at least discouraging news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Talking with my source and it seems that Lagunitas brewing has taken the route that Stone has and has not been returning calls/emails regarding getting their products to our fine state. The thing that really sticks out to me is that they have been doing their test market research in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, which might have played a huge role in their reasons not to come to Iowa. No offense to those beer drinkers in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, but if you are going to do a test market on craft beer drinkers, to me the obvious choices would be Cedar Rapids/Iowa City and the Des Moines area. So, things aren’t looking as promising as they once were for those products.

Onto the good. Green Flash will be here next week!!!!! John’s Grocery will be hosting a tasting, a huge display in their beer department, sometime in the next week. The product should be on the shelves by Tuesday or Friday at the latest. I will let you know if I hear anything further. For more info, make sure you like John’s Grocery’s facebook page. Johns is going to have most of Green Flash’s year-round offerings and also are hoping to have La Freak as well. Green Flash brews come in four pack bottles and range from $8-12 usually. Great news! http://www.greenflashbrew.com/our-beers.php/

Rumors are also swirling that we could see Terrapin Brewing hitting the shelves by the end of the year. For more info on them, here’s a link to their website: http://terrapinbeer.com/
I’ve had a few of their beers and usually came away impressed.

Also, look for Bells brewery to start having some cans towards the end of the summer, going into fall. They will be canning Oberon and Two Hearted Ale. They will be similar to how New Belgium has canned their beers, coming in tall boy four packs. Tailgating could get mighty dangerous this year if I’m drinking two hearted. Hope to have more news out next week, get to the store, get some Green Flash West Coast IPA, and enjoy your weekend.

2 thoughts on “Distribution News: Green Flash, Lagunitas, Terrapin, Bells cans?

  1. HomeBrew7 says:

    This is so sad. I now spend more money in Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan, and Wisconsin buying beer than I do in Iowa, and I spend probably about 340+ days a year living in eastern Iowa. I really have to blame our distributors; I mean Nebraska is now a better craft beer state than Iowa…come on they are like half the market we are.

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