Reds Alehouse Release Party: Green Flash Brewing Friday July 20th

Just received an email from Reds Alehouse announcing a Green Flash brewing release party on Friday July 20th starting at 3p.m. I’ve been waiting a long time for Green Flash to hit Eastern Iowa, and now they are going to do it in style. Reds always does an amazing job with these release partys and I think this will be the best one yet. If you haven’t tried anything Green Flash, you MUST!!!! especially if you are a hophead. Come to North Liberty Friday and buy me a beer!
Here’s the official release from Reds:
Attention, beer nerds and beer lovers alike! Green Flash Brewing has decided to mosey on over to our neck of the woods, and we here at Reds Alehouse have landed the official release party! It will be taking place this Friday, July 20th at 3pm until the sun goes down (or even way after the sun goes down if you want)! I think the fact that they are coming to us from all the way out west, in San Diego, California is making me want to use cowboy and western lingo, so bear with me! 🙂 We are lucky enough to have seven Green Flash beers on draft. 

Hop Head Red
West Coast IPA
Extra Pale Ale
*Imperial IPA
*Double Stout
We are the only people in the area to get kegs of these awesome beers, with the exception of Hop Head Red and West Coast IPA!  We will also be doing a glass giveaway! For this, our standard pint night rules apply. One glass per person and it’s first come first serve until they’re gone! So get your hop heads and your big beards in here to help us celebrate this extraordinary brewery coming to Iowa! It’s sure to be ‘a hog-killin’ time’ (a GREAT time in western slang, in case you didn’t know)!
 *Not available for Happy Hour”

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