Founders Brewing All Day IPA going to Cans

alldayThe following is a press release from Founders brewing courtesy of Great news for summer BBQ’s!

(Grand Rapids, MI) – Founders Brewing Co. announced today that they plan to release their craft beer in cans for the first time in their fifteen-year history. The brewery will put its warm weather seasonal, All Day IPA, in 12 oz. cans that will be available in 12-packs across their distribution footprint this summer.

“Especially in our recreational home state of Michigan, cans are a very functional package,” said Co-Founder & CEO Mike Stevens. “It means people will be able to enjoy our beer at golf courses, marinas and while hiking or camping. And we think All Day IPA works in a can particularly well.”

The brewery did extensive research to find a canning line that delivers a sealed container meeting the same quality standard as what comes off their bottling line every day.

“For this new canning line, we turned to the same manufacturer of our bottling line, world beverage industry leader, Krones. We are 100% confident in both this line and this package,” said Vice President of Operations Brad Stevenson.

All Day IPA will be the only Founders beer in cans to start. More Founders products may make their way into cans in the future.

For information on the states in which Founders is available, as well as details on their 2013 beer lineup and release calendar, visit

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