Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Delight and Assassin Release Review! YUM!

tgtgThis past Saturday morning a few friends and myself made the trek from Cedar Rapids up north to the wonderful city of Decorah on a beer pilgrimage. I’ve talked about Toppling Goliath ( many times on this blog with all of it being positive and this weekend they etched themselves into a beer-lovers heart forever. Saturday they released their seasonal Mornin’ Delight and Assassin beers to a lucky number of fans that made the journey to Decorah. tgassassin

Upon arriving I was relieved that we were there early enough (10:30 for a noon release) that there wasn’t a line of people waiting outside trying to get in. In fact, we were able to go into the tap room, receive our numbers, and then sit down for a couple of glasses of beer. When we entered we were greeted by Clark, the owner of the brewery, who encouraged us to sample some of the beers before actually purchasing them. I’ve had the pleasure of briefly chatting with Clark on a few occasions, and each time he is always friendly and sincere, he is what makes craft beer great. Everyone from TG was exceptionally friendly and open to a fun conversation about beer.

linklink1We all went right to the bar and were able to order Mornin’ Delight on tap! A great surprise for all us! I’m going to describe this beer but I don’t think my description will do it justice. You smell maple, coffee, chocolate, and you get all of those in the flavor. The best way to put it is it tastes like a chocolate chip pancake with syrup and a cup of coffee. It is that damn good! and it made the trip to Decorah easily justified. Such a treat to have at 10:30 on a Saturday morning; the perfect breakfast. As we waited for our numbers to be called out we were able to converse with people from surrounding states, as well as watch a group of guys bringing in some hard to find bottles of beer and doing a nice little beer sampling.

beerWe must have been enjoying our beer too much because we missed our numbers being called, but beer people, being as great as they are, let us jump to the front of the line to get our brews. The Mornin’ Delight had a limit of two 12 oz bottles at $10 a piece, only 300 were made, and if you get a chance to try this brew it comes highly recommend it. They were also releasing Assassin. Assassin is their Imperial Stout brewed with coffee in rye whiskey barrels. So, we got our beers, headed back into the taproom to get our growlers filled and a few t-shirts. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size of t-shirt but I was able to get a growler of pseduoSue filled to enjoy at home. The cool thing about waiting for the growler fill was seeing guys from Surly brewing busting their asses helping wash glasses and being very helpful without having to do so.

If anyone is wondering what a blueprint for a successful brewery looks like; get Toppling Goliaths’ blueprint. Make good beer first, be excellent hosts to your customers, and everything else just falls into place.

I really can’t describe how great this experience was and how amazing the staff is at Toppling Goliath. Beyond friendly, so helpful, and how they relate to their customers and how cordial they are make it easy to fall in love with this brewery. My buddy, the Beer Counselor, said it best…”god damn, there’s really nothing left to say.”  I’m hoping this is my first of many trips to Decorah, and I’m counting down the days until Mornin’ Delight is released next year! I can see this being as big as some of the major releases around the country, think of it as Dark Lord Day for Iowa. Toppling Goliath is a major player in the craft beer scene! Life is good when you can make a beer haul like that!

One thought on “Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Delight and Assassin Release Review! YUM!

  1. the Beer Counselor says:

    I just want to take a moment and echo the Baron’s words. We walked in the door and were greeted by high fives and excitement from the employees who undoubtedly had a long day ahead of them. The owner was there. He shook our hands and literally thanked us for coming. He asked if we had been able to get some Dorothy’s new world lager in our area. He also let us know we could get a free sample of Assassin before we bought it. Try to imagine Three F’s offering up a sample of DL before you put your money down. (No intended disrespect to Three F’s they could do that at DL day but I have a hard time imagining it) The people of TG were first class all the way.
    The beer was simply amazing. I was first drawn to TG by their high quality line of hoppy beers. Golden Nugget, Pseudo Sue and Millenium Falcon are among my favorites. I was happy to have a brewery in Iowa making world class beers that would make anyone envious. I had high hopes for the stouts but wondered going in if they would be a one trick pony with a gift for hops. My first sip of Morning Delight blew me away!!! I sat in amazement and sipped that beer. I have never experienced flavors like that previously and I fell in love. I followed that beer up with a 3-4 ounce sample of Assassin and was again so impressed with the incredible flavors that burst forth. I finished with a glass of Naughty Temple and could not stop grinning like a fool. I actually left without drinking a Pseudo Sue. I never thought I could be in Sue’s lair and leave without her sweet bite.
    Now if Clark reads this and finds it in his heart we would like to come back for a Kentucky Brunch release sometime.
    Thanks for everything to everyone we met while there (employees and patrons) for making it a high point in my beer travels memory!

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