Toppling Goliath Official Kentucky Brunch Release Details

kentucky brunchThe following comes from If it’s anything like the Mornin’ Delight release you are going to have a fantastic time with great people and wonderful beer. Hope to see you there!





Kentucky Brunch Release 2013
Saturday, June 1st
On sale @ 12:00PM
Doors open at 8AM
Line starts on back patio (not in the parking lot)


Toppling Goliath Taproom
310 College Dr.
Decorah, IA 52101

Availability: Between 250 – 300 waxed 12oz bottles
Limit: Between 1 and 2 per person (TBD depending on our yield after bottling)
Price: $12/ea CASH ONLY

Kentucky Brunch bottles will have a separate CASH ONLY line. When you show up, you will receive a number. This is your spot in line for when KBBS sales start at 12pm. You are welcome to leave, come inside, or drink on the patio after receiving your number- as long as you are back in line before 12pm.

For those of you who were unable to make it to our last bottle release, we will have a keg of Mornin’ Delight Imperial Stout on tap, a few Assassin bottles available for in-house consumption, and course a few  surprises! Prepare to party.

It is illegal to consume beer anywhere on our premises other than inside the taproom and within the outdoor patio barrier. Don’t be a fool. Stay inside the patio.

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