New to Shelves: Boulder returns, Wasatch, Squatters

boulderI just saw this update from John’s Grocery’s Facebook page:

2.5 tons of new beer just showed up on our doorstep (we did the math). From Boulder we now have Mojo, Hazed and Infused (bottles and cans), Sweaty Better, Hoopla Pale Ale (in cans!) and Flashback. Traveling all the way from Park City, Utah we have Wasatch Ghost Rider, Apricot Weizen, and pumpkin Ale. Finally we have Squatters from Salt Lake City bringing Chasing Tail, Full Suspension, and Hop Rising. 


Here’s a quick breakdown of these beers and what to expect from each:

Mojo -IPA – 7.2%
Ratebeer: 94

Hazed and Infused – American Pale Ale – 4.85%
Ratebeer: 87

Sweaty Betty – Wheat Ale – 5.9%
Ratebeer: 40

Hoopla – American Pale Ale – 5.7%
Ratebeer: 57

Flashback – Brown Ale – 6.8%
Ratebeer: 93


Ghostrider – White IPA – 6%
Ratebeer – 87

Apricot Weizen – Fruit Beer – 4%
Ratebeer: 33

Pumpkin Ale – Spice/Vegetable Beer – 4%
Ratebeer: 90


Chasing Tail – Golden Ale – 4%
Ratebeer: 29

Full Suspension – American Pale Ale – 4%
Ratebeer: 72

Hop Rising – American Pale Ale – 4%
Ratebeer: 87

**Lots of new beer to try. If you try one of these brews I would love to hear your thoughts.**

2 thoughts on “New to Shelves: Boulder returns, Wasatch, Squatters

  1. joe says:

    Picked up a six-pack of Mojo and Hop Rising yesterday. Mojo is always tasty, and Hop Rising was a nice surprise; great aroma right out of the glass which fades, for 9% ABV it drinks smooth for the first few minutes, but I had to slow down half way through the pint, great flavor though. Also, grabbed Sierra Nevada Narwhal from John’s.

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