Southampton Publick House Beers hitting Eastern Iowa shelves?

southamptonWhile visiting the Hy-Vee on Oakland Road in Cedar Rapids this past weekend, I noticed a six pack of Southampton Publick House beer sitting on the shelf in the walk-in cooler. I hadn’t heard of them coming to Iowa and so I asked the store manager and he confirmed that their beers will be making their way to Eastern Iowa shelves in the next few weeks. Here’s more info on Southampton Publick House beers (

  • One of the most award-winning breweries in America— ranked in the top 20 for GABF medals won by a brewery in the last 10 years.
  • Excluding the big 4 breweries and chain brewpubs, Southampton is in the top 10 in medals won at the GABF in the last 10 years.
  • Awarded Top Brewpub in 2003 by Beer Advocate Magazine.
  • Ranked #8 Specialty Brewery in the World and 3 Top 50 Specialty Brews in America by in 2004.

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