Samuel Adams Longshot Winners for 2013

longshotComing to in 2014 is the winners of the Samuel Adams Longshot homebrewing competition and the field this year sounds pretty promising. The 3 winning beers are an American Stout, a Pineapple IPA, and a Gratzer (Polish Smoked Wheat Beer). More on the winning brews courtesy of

About the winners:
Russ Brunner’s American Stout is a big malty Stout with notes of chocolate and coffee that carry through to a velvety finish with notes of roasted cocoa. The richness is balanced by hints of citrus and pine from the American hops that add a subtle bitterness to this deep and satisfying brew. Russ has been brewing for three years, but this was the first recipe Russ created from scratch.

Cesar Marron’s Gratzer is a light, Polish smoked wheat beer that packs a punch of smoky sweet flavor from the heirloom smoked malt used and spicy and herbal notes from Saaz hops. This beer draws its inspiration from Cesar’s fond interest in the unusual, yet traditional, Polish smoked style.

Teresa Bury’s Pineapple IPA is brewed with four different American hops that showcases grapefruit character mellowed and complemented by the tropical fruit notes from the pineapple. Theresa made it a personal challenge to create a beer with a strong hop flavor that was balanced with her favorite fruit, pineapple.


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