Stone 18th Anniversary IPA coming 2nd Week of August

I received the following information from The national release date for this beer is August 11. Here’s more:

(Escondido,CA) – Stone Brewing Co.’s 18th Anniversary IPA is set to drop the second week of August, while you may have guessed it would be something hoppy, Stone has done their best to stay creative and original, and have made a “Golden-Brown IPA brewed with all El Dorado Hops.” Here’s the description, label and close up of the customary long text on the back of the bottle. Enjoy!


As we compose the text for this celebratory beer—a golden-brown India pale ale dry-hopped exclusively and abundantly with El Dorado hops—we stand ready to leap from the precipice of all we know into a new era for our company, our beers and, most importantly, our fans. It’s one that will see us exploring new territory, both geographically and creatively, as we evolve from pacesetters for the American craft brewing movement to cross-planetary champions of the worldwide cause of craft, hoisting our banner to proclaim artisanal beers’ vast superiority over stripped-down, business-driven, industrialized, fizzy, yellow mediocrity. We thank you for shadowing us for the first 18 years of our journey, and welcome you to join us for next leg and all that follows.

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