Kona Brewing Coming to Iowa

konaKona Brewing will be one of few craft breweries to be available in all 50 states as they fill in their final 9 states with their products. They should be available in Iowa starting in early 2015. For a full list of their lineup check out their website at:


From an earlier press release and courtesy of the Sioux City Journal:

“In early 2015 we are approaching our 21st anniversary of brewing high-quality craft beer, and this national push is a perfect tribute to that milestone,” said Kona Brewing Company brand manager Aaron Marion.

”It’s been two years since Kona first touched down in the heart of the country, and the reception of our Hawaiian brews has provided a nice groundswell. We look forward to bringing some warmth and a taste of Hawaii to the growing market of craft beer drinkers in the central U.S., especially during these cold winter months,” Marion said.

Their award winning Longboard Island Lager and Big Wave Golden Ale will both be represented, available on draught and in six-pack bottles.

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