Thoughts from the Brrr Fest

brrrAnother successful Coralville Brrr Fest is in the books and it’s amazing how much better the beers and breweries are now then when this started 4? years ago. So many excellent breweries bringing their best beers and adding the Mellow Mushrooms pizza was a nice touch as well. Pizza and beer, tough to beat. I tried many outstanding beers on Saturday but here are the ones that stuck out for me: **515 Brewing – OJ IPA and Mediocre Pale Ale – I’ve had OJ a few times and enjoy it every time. Dave from 515 mentioned something about this batch being messed up but I thought it tasted excellent as always. The mediocre was an excellent surprise. Mosaic hop was showcased making this an awesome pale ale. **Big Grove Brewing – Progeny and Mellow Drama – I’ve had progeny before but for some reason it was tasting extra good on Saturday. I was getting ton of peach flavor and had to go back for seconds. The Mellow Drama is a collab beer with other Iowa breweries. Very smooth and delicious. **Exile Brewing – Beaknik Sour – tons of cherry in this beer and with Exile bottles hitting Eastern Iowa I would love to see a bomber of this brew show up on our shelves. Excellent stuff. **Galena Brewing – Brett Michels Saison – despite the name I really enjoyed this saison. Tons of spice on this saison making it wonderfully refreshing and flavorful. Would love to see this in bottles! **Lion Bridge Brewing – GAZPROM! and Maple Disaster – GAZPROM! is a barrel aged russian imperial stout with maple syrup added. A very smooth RIS and the syrup adds just the perfect amount of sweetness. Would love more of this! The maple disaster is a barrel aged brown porter with maple syrup. This beer was so good I had to the brewery the day after just to get some more. Great things happening at this brewery! **Madhouse Brewing – VIP – although it wasn’t on tap I still need a pour of this brew. My favorite Madhouse offering and thankfully I have a few bottles in the cellar yet. **Third Base Brewing – Another Passe IPA- glad to see this on the tap lines as I had it at the brewery a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Third Base flies under the radar a bit but I find myself taking the whole family for some good food and tasty brews. **West O Brewing – Coco Stout – the gold medal winner lived up to that honor pouring a wonderful thick stout that was full of flavor. An excellent stout. **Overall, another terrific experience. The breweries were all very friendly and engaging. This event keeps getting bigger and better so make sure you secure a ticket next year, because if this year is any indication, there will more and more excellent brews to try.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Brrr Fest

    • poge05 says:

      Was a great show by the locals. All of the big hitters in the state were there, the smaller breweries are improving, and there were some lesser known ones that were making a mark like Galena and Singlespeed

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