Surly Des Moines Launch Update

**UPDATED** For Eastern Iowa folks: The following comes from Reds Alehouse Facebook post:

BIG NEWS!! Surly Brewing Company will make their way to our tap lines Saturday March 7th! And not just one or two lines; we’re talking TEN lines! 10!! They include: Hell, Todd the Axeman, Furious, Coffee Bender, Smoke, Cynicale, Mild, Doomtree, and Fiery Hell. These will all be tapped at 11am Saturday with a special early tapping of Furious Tuesday morning that will last all week, just to get you familiar with Surly.

The dudes from Surly will be hand that evening sometime around 6:30-7:00. Then the party really gets started!

Wait a minute, that’s only 9 beers.

I must be forgetting something…

Isurly just received the following information regarding the upcoming Surly Brewing Iowa launch on Tuesday. If you are in the Des Moines area make sure you get to one of the following venues and enjoy some Surly beer!

Three buses are coming down from Minneapolis, full of fans and the whole Surly crew and all the Doomtree guys. Each bus will stop first at one of either Ingersoll Tap, Quinton’s or Mullet’s at 5pm. People are encouraged to share a beer there with us.
Then all three groups converge on Up-Down at 7:30p, then upstairs for the Doomtree show at Wooly’s. Big thing is tickets are still available. $10. 
Each bar has a slightly different beer mix, but people can expect to see Furious, Bender, Hell, Cynic and Doomtree and some or all of the venues.

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