Updated Boulevard Release Schedule: New Beers Listed

boulevardBoulevard Brewing just released their updated 2015 release schedule with some new beers added to their already busy new beer release schedule. The new beers of note are:


Funky Pumpkin – Sept. and Oct. release

Snow and Tell – Nov. and Dec. release


Imperial Stout X – Tart Cherry – Sept.

Imperial Stout X – Coconut – Dec. release

Here’s the full schedule:


2 thoughts on “Updated Boulevard Release Schedule: New Beers Listed

  1. Greg Desrosier says:

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen one of my favorite seasonals from Boulevard, so I shot them an e-mail. Here’s the response:

    “Thanks for contacting us, Greg. It’s always great to hear from folks who enjoy our beer as much as we do. After much contemplation of our current production line-up and assessment of future capacity restraints, we recently made the decision to retire Boss Tom’s Golden Bock. Many of us loved Boss Tom’s Golden Bock. Many of our friends raved about it. A small but devoted group of our customers loved it. Unfortunately, these three segments together did not constitute a large enough base to allow us to continue to produce this beer.

    While we won’t be brewing Boss Tom’s Golden Bock in 2015, there is always the possibility that this fine maibock will return sometime in the future. In any event, please know that we rely heavily on feedback from folks like you and appreciate your email.


    Joel Kanne


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