Rock Bottom Brewer headed to Exile; Update on Need Pizzeria in Cedar Rapids

exileA few bits of news this morning.

It looks like Eric Sorensen, brewer at Rock Bottom, is moving on to brew at Exile Brewery in Des Moines. Huge news as Eric has a fantastic reputation as a terrific brewer as Exile has just gained someone with a great following and knowledge. Congrats to Eric and to Exile! Looking forward to seeing what he can dish out at Exile.

The Second bit of news this morning deals with a new pizza place opening up in downtownNeed Cedar Rapids at 207 2nd Ave. I had some correspondence with Bob Wagner just to get a feel for what they will be offering beer related and also what style of pizza we will be getting. A shuffleboard will be there which sells me already? I challenge any takers to a game! Thanks to Bob for taking the time to get back to me and here’s what he had to say:

Thanks for reaching out! We will have 30 lines going. We would like to have some local stuff on, like Crimson Sunset Peach and Hopped Cider, Lion Bridge, Turner Alley, Backpocket, Big Grove. We plan to do most all of our tap beer as craft and then some cans and bottles of other product as well. It will be a full bar to back up the craft focus. Pizza will be New Haven Style hand crafted thin crust. We will have Ping Pong Tables and shuffle board. Bar area, dining area, private and large party area. Kid friendly and friendly to kid inside the grown up.


Bob Wagner

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