Oskar Blues and Surly New Can Releases

Surly Brewing and Oskar Blues Brewing will be introducing some new beers to their can lineup.

surlySurly will be canning #MERICA! a pre-prohibition style lager that will check in at 5.4%. Stay tuned for more info on the release date for this brew. Here’s more on this brew from Surly:

Light gold in color, #Merica! is an old-school pre-Prohibition American Lager that was brewed in 2015 for the Annual D4th of July party put on by the Minneapolis-based punk band Dillinger Four. One of the only beer styles truly born in the U.S.A, pre-Prohibition American Lagers used corn as an integral part of the flavor profile, rather than as a simple substitute for barley malt. The flaked corn used in #Merica! comes across as a subtle, fresh corn flavor, while soft hop aromatics come from Warrior and Willamette hops, which add a mild fruity, herbal character that stays in the background. #Merica! is perfect for a hot summer day and celebrating the country’s birthday and 21 years of Dillinger Four.

money shot*Oskar Blues will also be releasing a new can to their lineup with Moneyshot White Wit Wheat. It will be released in 12 oz cans. Stay tuned for more info on ABV and release date.

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