Beer Review #124: Surly Xtra Citra Pale Ale

citra.jpgSurly was nice enough to pass along a few cans of their latest beer, Xtra Citra Pale and after tasting the cans over the weekend it’s safe to say that Iowa will have another great session brew to choose from for this spring and summer. Definitely a lawn mower beer if there ever was one!

The citra hop continues to shine and be a prominent hop in many releases and with this beer it really takes center stage. Citra on the nose, citra in the taste..citra, citra, citra! My first can tasted pretty solid, but that was after I had already been drinking a bit, so tasting this one with a clean palate really helped and the citrus zest really shined. Like most session IPA/Pales I expected that the flavor would have started with a great burst of sweetness and then tail off a bit. But this one, like, All Day, had that resinous that clung a bit longer making this very refreshing brew.

Coming in at 4.5% in 16 oz cans and rumored be hitting a $7.99 price tag, this beer will be a welcome addition to many of your refrigerators this spring and summer. Not to mention it will be a great addition to any baseball/football tailgate as well. Surly adds to the session ipa/pale market and with their beer, they just might have added one of the better ones. Here’s more from Surly:

Xtra-Citra will be hitting shelves and taps in all our markets starting this week. One of our lead brewers Jerrod Johnson noted that like all our beers, this one is hard to pin down in terms of a specific style: “It’s just a great sessionable beer. People really love the fruitiness of Citra hops, but this one has a nice body too from the Golden Naked Oats.”

Xtra-Citra is refreshing with tropical, citrusy hop notes and a pleasant bitterness and body. “I call it a low altitude beer,” added Johnson. “It’s perfect as the days get longer because it’s a beer you can drink all night.”

You might have noticed that we (quietly) debuted Xtra-Citra at a few bars and restaurants in the Twin Cities Metro a couple of weeks back. Team Surly turned out in force around our hometown to help unsuspecting folks forget the snow and #GetSunny instead. In exchange for an Xtra-Citra and a pair of Surly shades, we asked people to grab a crayon and show us their sunny side. We were super impressed with your #GetSunny art and we’ve stuck them all up on the refrigerator…

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%


POUR: Yellow/gold pour, nice medium sized white head. Lots of lacing. Very fresh. 

AROMA: Citrus zest, lots of it. 

TASTE:  More citrus, citrus peel. Very refreshing. 




My recommendation: Have this on hand all spring /summer! Keep some in your garage fridge, basement fridge, kitchen fridge and just grab one we need something cold, delicious, and refreshing after a long day of working in the yard! Cheers!

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