Sour Showdown! Big Grove v. Exile; 5/13/16 @ 5:00 Bricks Bar and Grill

sour showdown.jpgThis Friday night at Bricks Bar and Grill in Cedar Rapids is the SHOWDOWN OF THE CENTURY!!! Well, maybe not the showdown of the century but there will be some amazing beers on hand as two of Iowa’s finest, Big Grove out of Solon and Exile out of Des Moines square off in a “Sour Showdown”! I was able to try some of both breweries beers this weekend at Benz Beerfest and if that is any indication of what’s to come then this showdown will not disappoint!

Exile has been dominating the sour scene in retail and their latest addition, Blood Orange Bohemia, has been a hot sell. I was able to try their Peachberry Beatnik and was blown away; one of the best beers at the festival.

Big Grove has had people rolling through their doors for their terrific beers, and one of those responsible has been the Que Sera. I would expect some offshoots of this beer at the showdown. I had their cucumber mint que sera pin at the beer festival and thought it was absolutely terrific.

This should be a great event, with two great breweries, at an excellent beer bar. Don’t forget to say hi to the bad ass mothers in the picture below! They are out for blood! Cheers!


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