More on the Big Grove Brewery Expansion

big groveThe news is spreading quickly that Big Grove is expanding to a production facility in Iowa City. Excellent news for all of us and even better news for the community as not only are we getting more beer but more jobs as well. Also, Big Grove going green? It sure sounds like it! I was able to talk with Chad Young, sales/marketing manager of Big Grove, and he gave me a bit more insight as to what to expect from the brewery:

Baron: How many jobs will this open up?

CY: A lot of details are still being placed this next week or 2. Right now an estimated 70 jobs.

BARON: Will you be canning/bottling or both?

CY:The concept right now is eventually a canning line but growth of the brewery will be slow and steady and continue to focus on draft only for the first year or two.
Honestly very vague on a timeline with a project like this. The 1st part is to make sure the beer is as great as what is being brewed in Solon. Everyone is absolutely behind continuing the high standard on quality first. Once we get that dialed in, then we will bring on the next phase of production.
BARON: What type of brewing line will the brewery house?
CY:Installing a “Meura Mash Filter”, which is an incredible piece of brewery technology. Super efficient with raw materials with very high extract yields, while using less water and energy. This will be one of the greenest brewing production facilities not just in iowa, but in the region.
BARON: What will become of the Solon location brewery?

CY: Specialties and barrel aging will continue at the Solon location

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