Barn City Brewing Coming to West Des Moines

barn city.jpgBarn City Brewing will be coming to West Des Moines at 9500 University in West Des Moines! Pete Faber is the man behind this venture and here is more info courtesy of Pete’s Facebook account:

As most of you know, I have a strong passion, love, and respect for craft beer. It has played an important role in my life over the last few years. It has given me some very close friends, taught me a lot about community in the business place, and a belief in doing things the right way. Not to mention a few well-deserved morning headaches. This passion has brought me to the decision to open Barn City Brewing. My vision intends to bring my pride of Iowa together with my passion for craft beer, as well as forging new relationships with local brewers and farmers. In a lot of ways, this is diving into unchartered territory for me, and will be defined as a new beginning for me and I am extremely excited to see this vision come to fruition.

I cannot thank Beth and the kids enough for all of the support and willingness to relocate to Iowa to tackle all of the new changes, and to pursue my dream that is Barn City Brewing. As always, I appreciate all of my friends and all of your support throughout the years and will continue to appreciate your love and support. This one’s going to be fun and nothing like anything I have ever done before! Please follow & like the business along on my journey on social media, and I hope to have Barn City Brewing in your hands soon!

You can follow Barn City Brewing at:

Facebook – /barncitybrewing
Twitter – @barncitybrewing
Instagram – @barncitybrewing

Again, thanks for all of the support!

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