Big Grove Richard the Whale and variants to be released Sunday Sept. 4 @11 a.m.

big groveBig Grove Brewery in Solon is celebrating their 3 year anniversary this coming Sunday and what better way to do so than release some Richard the Whale and Richard variants! Not only is Richard (barrel-aged stout aged in Heaven Hill barrels) enough to get excited for but the coffee variant will be coming back as well. And, new this year, will be “Praline’s and Richard” which will be with roasted pecans and almonds. Everyone remembers the Wayne’s World ice cream scene correct? A little help if you don’t:

So, here’s what you can get your hands on Sunday at Big Grove:

heaven hill barrelsRichard the Whale barrel aged Imperial Stout
Coffee variant featuring “Worka Ethiopia” from JBC Roasters,
Pralines and Richard” with Roasted Pecans and Almonds.

Add some amazing food and life will be good Sunday! Cheers!

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