A Look at Kickshaw “Bibelot”

bibelotKickshaw’s next bottling will be of “Bibelot”, an ale aged and fermented in Cedar Ridge Malted Rye barrels. Here’s more from Bill and Kickshaw on his latest bottling:

Bibelot (ˈbē-bə-ˌlō) is the next Kickshaw beer headed to bottles. The wort comes from the rye run, but was fermented and aged in a Cedar Ridge Malted Rye barrel (courtesy of North Dodge Hyvee – thanks Seth!). The oak and whiskey notes have blended with the brett notes to create a bright pinot character in the nose, and a bit more mouthfeel.

This is the first single barrel fun run, and will be released at North Dodge Hyvee, because it is Seth’s barrel.

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