Big Grove Pulling out all the stops for Northside Oktoberfest! What will the Richard variant be?

big groveBig Grove brewery is bringing out the big guns for this weekend’s Northside Oktoberfest with the announcement that they will be pouring out of two tents, one of which is a cask tent that will have 12pins! Another question is, what will the Richard the Whale variant be? In talking with Chad Young, he sent me a pic (see below) of what he and Chef Benjamin Smart came up with for the variant. Here’s a list of the things that Big Grove will have for sure, along with many surprises! Hope to see you there on Saturday!


*Barleywine with Deri Kochoha from JBC roasters

*Russian Imperial Stout with Cinnamon & Vanilla beansbg3

*IPA with whole cone cascade
*Plan A Triple IPA with Wet Cascade & Columbus
*Arms Race with whole cone Citra & Wet cone centennial
*Harvest with whole cone Cascade
*Que Onda Roja with Concorde Grapes
*Quantum Finish with whole cone cascade
*IPA with Rosemary & Lavender
*ESB w/Apricot
*Que Onda Retacca with Cacao Nibs

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