Hidden Gems: Club 76 The Lodge in North Liberty, IA

I’ve always wanted a northern woods type vibe at a bar I frequent. I always picture John Candy and Dan Aykroyd bellied up to their bar drinking a stubby of Miller Lite while asking the gentlemen next to them how many times he’s been struck by lighting.

For some reason, that setting and scene always resonated as the perfect place to have a beer and listen to an interesting story from a local. Well, I think we have that place in Eastern Iowa. You might not hear of a guy getting struck by lightning 66 times but at Club 76 the Lodge, located off of Mehaffey Bridge Rd in North Liberty (between Solon and North Liberty) is pretty damn close to being Northwoods Esque!

For some readers, this isn’t a hidden gem, but a weekly destination point. Where else can you get the feel of being out in the timber in a log cabin while having the option of 18 tap lines? I took my latest trip last Sunday and met up with Club head-honcho Jeremy Freerks. Shooting the shit while sipping on a Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin was the perfect Sunday afternoon. After the Merlin I went with Firestone’s Luponic Distortion #5 and got a sample of a beer I hadn’t seen on tap anywhere else, August Schell’s Stag Series #10 Tropical Stout which was damn tasty!

Not only are the tap lines constantly rotated but this is the perfect mix of clientele. You’ll get your cyclists, motorcyclists, farmers, regulars, craft beer drinkers, Busch Light drinkers…you get the picture. On tap of that they have 2 huge fundraisers every year. An Oyster Stout and Sour festival and The Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival held on the 3rd of July which draw huge crowds. Here’s more on Club 76:

Club 76 is an American legion located on 12 beautiful acres close to Coralville reservoir just outside of North liberty on Mahaffey Bridge Road. We do two major fundraising events each year. The Oyster Stout and Sour festival. who’s fourth year estimated five or 600 people attend. On July 3rd is the  Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival. Five or 600 people attend this to listen to five or six regional and national touring artist. Three years ago we built an amphitheater on our property. We focus on selling craft beer at great prices. Just four years ago we had five beers on tap that all said light behind the name. We spent some money and eventually put in 18 tap lines and a big walk-in cooler,
Nitro lines and a glycol system. Probably the only veterans organization around like it in the country.
The Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival is coming up and here’s some info on that event:
Located right here in the corridor the Red, White and Bluegrass Festival has been bringing you Bluegrass for 7 great years now. The Festival hosts great local and Midwest Bluegrass and Jam Grass bands.

The Festival is ran by the American Legion Post 1976. It is staffed by Veterans and friends of veterans volunteers. This is only of 1 of 2 fundraisers your local veterans do each year. Thanks for your support in the past and future it means a ton to our American Legion, it’s veterans and the charities we support.

The event is very affordable and family friendly with kids’ activities, fireworks, an official sanctioned flag retirement ceremony performed by area Veterans, great food and of course great music.
Miles over Mountains
Flash in the Pan
Trinity River Band

Please check out Club 76 the next time you’re in the area. Great people doing things the right way! Cheers!

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