BeerCast Episode #5 Recording Live from Thew Brewing Thursday Night Aug. 16th!


The fellas and I are back with BeerCast Episode #5 and we will be recording live from Thew Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids this Thursday night starting around 5ish. If you’re in the area or just want to stop down and say hi please do! This will no doubt be an informationally charged show that you won’t want to miss…..but in all seriousness, we love talking beer and talking with fellow beer lovers. Haywood will have one of his infamous rants, Matt will be delving into some beer related news articles, I’ll break down the happenings and goings-on in the area and our Host will no doubt have some cool beer related games/activities planned and the insanely difficult job of keeping us on track! Thanks to Thew for hosting!


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