Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen announcement from Abu Nawas! Last call before 2022!



A major Lambic Announcement coming from Abu Nawas and Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen as the brewery is allowing Abu Nawas to ship directly. Shipment is planned for later this year, arriving in September, and it’s the last time we’ll see lambic from them before 2022, because of the very high demand they are experiencing both in Europe and the Far East. We know it is hard to think about the holidays in June but think about ordering accordingly as this would be a great offering for the Holiday Season.

The only limit that might have to be imposed would be on the Oude Kriek. No Limit on the Gueze front. There are also awesome looking MAGNUMS available to us.Please let Abu Nawas know as soon as you can! They have to get this back to our Drie Fonteinen by 7 PM Brussels time on Friday. So they are setting a deadline for noon our time on Friday!

CLARIFICATION: We Appreciate the tremendous amount of request and inquiries so we thought this clarification was due. ABU NAWAS BEVERAGE as a wholesaler is prohibited from selling to the public. As such, you will need to talk to your favorite Retailer/License Holder so they can place an order, as we cannot sell directly to end consumer/public. Thank you all!


2 thoughts on “Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen announcement from Abu Nawas! Last call before 2022!

  1. says:

    Hi Baron,

    Does this mean I, as an individual, can order this from him?


    Keith aka Dearbow

    • iabeerbaron says:

      Hey Keith! It depends on what your retailer would allow. You wouldn’t be able to order directly from Abu Nawas as that is illegal, but if you have a retailer your friendly with they could help you out! Cheers man!

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