Abu Nawas drops this week: FreeThought, Fat Orange Cat, Omnipollo, Jester King, + Introducing Garden Path Fermentation!


I’m a little late to the party this week but we have some great brews coming from Abu Nawas and also a new brewery hitting our shelves….Garden Path Fermentation!


  • Free Thought Levitate 16oz CAN – Sour Ale with Pineapple, Tumeric, Lemongrass and Makrut Lime. Pours bright ocher. Opens with earthy aromas of turmeric countered by tropical fruit and citrus tones. Lively and delicately tart with notes of makrut lime, yellow curry and fruit loops. Finishes clean, dry and crisp. 5% ABV.
  • Free Thought Lucid 16oz CAN – Unfiltered IPA double dry-hopped with Amarillo flowers, pellets and lupulin powder. 6% ABV.
  • Free Thought Shibumi6/4/16oz CAN – IPA Cuvée with Cherry, Miso + Chamomile 5.5% ABV.🍒🍒***We had to get more of this cool beer! So Cool****
  • Free Thought Museum Dose 6/4/16oz CAN – Museum Dose is a botanical sour ale with strawberries, sarsaparilla + birch. It’s a celebration of Spring, an homage to nineteenth-century soda fountains + a total trip. 6% ABV. 🥤⛲
  • FREETHOUGHT Madcap 16oz Can – Madcap is a smoky sour ale inspired by campfires, s’mores + hot cocoa with the flavor profile of a mezcal sour cocktail. Brewed with raw wheat, flaked + malted oats, lapsang souchong, cocoa + tamarind. Hopped with noble hops + dry-hopped with simcoe lupulin powder. 6% ABV. 💖💖💖

Fat Orange Cat

  • Fat Orange Cat FOC All Cats Are Grey in the Dark 16oz CAN – White Stout – A light colored stout with a hint of coffee and strong notes of both chocolate and vanilla. 7.2% WE❤️This 🍺 & 🐈
  • Fat Orange Cat FOC Blood Orange Billy 16oz CAN – Blood Orange NE-IPA. 6.66% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat FOC Someone In My Head 16oz CAN – Double Dry Hopped New England style DIPA with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, & Apollo. 8.8% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat FOC Remember What The Doormouse Said 16oz CAN – NE-Style IPA hopped with Eureka & Citra. 7% ABV.


  • Omnipollo Gematria 16oz CAN – Nelson, Citra, Mosaic. Nuff said. 7.3% ABV.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Lassi Gose ale brewed with peanut butter, lactose sugar, and strawberry raspberry jam. 6% ABV.
  • Omnipollo Andreas Oat 16oz CAN – Delicious New England Style Oat IPA 7% ABV.
  • Omnipollo Bianca Blueberry Maple Pancake Lassi Gose 24/16oz CAN – Blueberry maple pancake lassi Gose ale brewed with blueberries, lactose sugar & maple syrup. 6% ABV. 🍁 🥞
  • Omnipollo Devin the Dude 24/12oz (4-pack)- Beautifully made German-style pilsner. 5.2% ABV. 💗💗💗
  • Omnipollo Hypnopompa 6/4/16oz CAN – 👀💣tall boy OMNIPOLLO®️ HYPNOPOMPA®️ MARSHMALLOW ☁️VANILLA COFFEE ☕️ IMPERIAL STOUT 11% ABV. It•was•all•a•dream.
  • Omnipollo Agamemnon16oz CAN – OmniPollo’s beloved, original Maple Syrup Imperial Stout is back and better than ever in 16oz cans. 12.5% ABV.

Jester King

  • Jester King Foudreweizen 12/750 ml Bottle – Farmhouse wheat beer fermented in an oak foudre. Collaboration with Austin Famed Live Oak Brewing Company. 5.6% ABV. 💗💗💗
  • Jester King Mad Meg 12/750 ml Bottle – Provision Ale, Golden Farmhouse Ales. A special beer that is suitable for extended storage and aging. 9% ABV. The name “Mad Meg”, refers to a peasant woman from Flemish folklore who leads an army of women to pillage hell. She’s famously depicted in Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s 1562 painting by the same name.💗💗💗
  • Jester King Mr. Mingo 12/750ml – A farmhouse ale with roselle hibiscus. The inspiration was to make a simple beer with a subtle adjunct. 5.9% ABV. 🌺🌺🌺
  • Jester King Part & Parcel 12/750ml – A new American Farmhouse Ale brewed with 100% Texas grown and malted barley. 5.5% ABV. A true sense of Terroir!
  • Jester King Grim Harvest 12/750 ml – Farmhouse ale refermented with “spent” blackberries from Nocturnum Chrysalis. 5.8% ABV.


Our talented friends Amber Watts and Ron Extract left their positions at Austin’s Jester King Brewery to open their own venture, Garden Path Fermentation, in Washington’s Skagit Valley.
Garden Path Fermentation makes beer, mead, wine, and cider from hyper-locally sourced ingredients and 100% native Skagit Valley yeast. Fermentation takes place in open-top foudres and oak barrels, and each batch is custom blended to taste, with an emphasis on subtlety, balance, and nuance. Each edition of their products is a unique take on a similar theme; no two batches will ever be the same.

A garden path is a beautiful way to get someplace you may not have expected to go. Their products, the result of blending, aging, and curation, may take you to beautiful places you may not have expected to go but we hope you’ll enjoy.
All of their beers are naturally conditioned with blackberry honey from The Valley’s Buzz.
We have been asking them for some beer and they finally have some to send us. We are doing this as a pre-order as we don’t know when we can their wonderful product again, so order appropriately. You will see a separate list on the portal titled Garden Path Pre-Order. We expect this to reach us later in November. They are also willing to package things in 30L kegs which we didn’t list to keep it simple but inquire if you are interested.

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