N/A beer for the beer drinker is here! Athletic Brewing Company has what you need!

Finally, a brewery that is making some N/A craft beer and N/A seltzers for those who aren’t able to drink alcohol! Athletic Brewing Company is here for you! No matter the reason for you not to imbibe on an all alcohol beer/seltzer, Athletic has given you an option that for reaches a sixer of O’douls, especially if you are a craft beer fan. Many options are available from this brewery as far as style goes, you can pick from any of the following:

*Hazy IPA
*Golden Ale
*Mexican Lager
*Extra Dark
*Justin’s Peanut Butter Brew

I’m looking forward to trying more Athletic beers as they become available, and right now, in Iowa, the distro is limited but I’m hoping to help expand that. So, if you’re interested, hit the link below, try a few, pass it on and hopefully we can get some more Athletic on the shelves! Right now, you can get 10% off of your order, if you are in the IC/CR area and want a taste, please reach out and I can try to make that happen for you. Bar owners, please let me know if you are interested in a N/A beer to carry in your establishment! Cheers!


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