Clock House releasing “Scuba Todd” sour this Thursday (7/1)!

Another week and another beer release to quench our thirst from the fine folks at Clock House Brewing! This Thursday, July 1st, you’ll be able to get your hands on “Scuba Todd” sour! Here’s more on this beer:

Is that Scuba Steve? Scuba Sam? No that’s Scuba Todd! If you’ve ever walked through Black Sheep and gazed through the Man-Aquarium you might have seen this beerhero. He doesn’t wear a cape nor have any superpowers. He wears beer goggles during the day and tinted safety glasses at night. He’ll walk around the brewery in rainboots and occasionally sport some dope rubber gloves. The man has never heard of water, he only showers in beer. Beer with coconut of course because that’s the only way it should be. He’s sour like lemon lime and sweet like blue raspberry. This is Todd’s world and we’re just living in it. We’re just happy to be apart of it.

Now about the beer…if you haven’t gathered the info yet we’re making a pretty delicious sour. Brewed with Lemon, Lime, Blue Raspberry, and unfiltered coconut. We’re making the closest thing to Ocean Water so Scuba Todd can dive right in.Available in 16oz 4-packs and on draft. *One 4-pack limit per person.

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