Distribution News: Oskar Blues, Lagunitas, Deschutes, Southern Tier, more!

southern tierIt’s been awhile since talk of a few big craft breweries were going to be making their way to Iowa. I had a few sources tell me that Oskar Blues and Odell would soon be in Iowa, and also rumblings about Surly heading down south. I don’t have news on Odell or Surly but after reading about Oskar Blues distributing to Indiana I decided to get the contact book out again. Here’s the news I got today regarding distribution. Mostly good news, hopefully we will start to see the wheels put in motion and by summer having some new breweries on the shelves.

oskar blues*It sounds like Oskar Blues won’t be in Iowa until 2014. I will keep posting updates if I hear anything different.

*Deschutes and Lagunitas are possibly going to make it to the Eastern Iowa market sometime during the summer. lagunitas

*Southern Tier is aiming for a 3rd quarter release in Iowa. (1st I’ve heard of this!)

*Goose Island is releasing Sophie Paradisi in a few months. It is a saison with a grapefruit punch.

*Backpocket will have a Russian style imperial stout that will be blended with their oak aged stout that has been siting in Cedar Ridge Barrels at the brewery for the past 6 months.

toppling goliath*And, hopefully we will be seeing Toppling Goliath in stores by the end of April.

That’s it for this week, some great news above, but like before it could totally change. As hard as it is to be patient, that is my advice. Over time we will be seeing some great beer coming from other states and also some fantastic beer coming from our own Iowa breweries! Stay tuned!

One thought on “Distribution News: Oskar Blues, Lagunitas, Deschutes, Southern Tier, more!

  1. Beev05 says:

    Thanks for these updates! Last I heard Surly was having several distribution issues due to increased demand, but it would be nice to have them in Iowa. I definitely look forward to trying many of the others though. Thanks again!

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