New Craft Beer Magazine for IPAD Review

craftA new craft beer magazine, appropriately titled Craft Beer Magazine, has been launched as an app for IPAD users! It is completely free to download and anyone who downloads it will be a one month free subscription. I was able to get a first hand look of the new magazine and I was pretty impressed with the content.

The magazine’s opening pages give you a brief tutorial on how to navigate through using your IPAD. It then delves into a brief history of craft beer in America which gave some great insight on how and when the craft beer boom started. I really enjoyed the visuals involved after reading through the article and thought it was perfect way to wrap up a great piece of writing. 

Articles varied throughout, picking up stories from other countries, recipes, new innovations in craft beer (peel top cans from Madtree Brewing), and beer reviews. (A nice write-up on Rhizing Bines). 

What also makes this a great and unique app is the interaction you can have with video, polls, and links throughout the magazine, making it perfect for the tech savvy craft beer lover. So if you are interested in some craft beer related readings check out Craft Beer Magazine on iTunes here:


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