Stone Enjoy By 8.16.14 hits Shelves July 12

stone enjoy byLooks like we will be getting another nationwide release on the newest batch of Stone’s popular Enjoy By IPA. You have 2 days to finish off the last batch and then on the 12th there should be more to come! Here’s more:

(Escondido,CA) – Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 is set to turn back into a pumpkin in two days, but not to fret, a new batch is in the tanks and ready to hit the streets July 12th. This will be called Stone Enjoy By 08.16.14 IPA.

From our preliminary info, this will have the same hop blend as the past few batches:Ahtanum, Super Galena, Simcoe, Amarillo, Delta, Target, Calypso, Cascade, Citra, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Helga.

While a few batches have been limited to a few markets, we believe this to be another national release like the 07.14.14 batch.

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