Restaurant Review: Mosley’s Barbecue and Provisions; Iowa City, IA

photo 1 (4)A building that once held the bar responsible for many drunken college nights has now been transformed into a modern, inviting, illuminating barbecue joint. As soon as I walked towards the Vine the smell hit me in the face. No, not the smell of stale piss and vomit that one could get a whiff on a weekend, but the wonderful smell of smoked meats. Walking into Mosley’s, takes you back a bit to the Fitzpatricks days and the Old Capitol days but now we are greeted by families, couples, and friends sitting around happily shoveling wonderful BBQ into their faces. The bar looked immaculate
and the glistening taps get your attention right away. Definitely a kid friendly joint which is plus for us, my kids love que and now we have another place to take them.  But, oh, that smell! QUE THE SKYNRD!

Mosley’s is brought to you by Matt Swift and Corey Kent, both of whom have had big photo 4 (2)success in the area with Pullman Diner, Big Grove, Blackstone, 30hop, and of course Red’s Alehouse. Knowing the background of these two and their success it’s hard not to have extremely high expectations for a place, but man o man, they deliver!

photo 5Salivating as we get to our table I told my wife to do the ordering as I was up for anything on the menu. 1/2 slab of ribs and the Mosley sandwich which is a pulled pork butt with coleslaw, vinegar and their gold standard bbq sauce. Add a side of coleslaw, mac salad, and house made pickle slices, and wash it all down with a Big Grove Arms Race Pale Ale, we are set! Now the gold standard sauce is a carolina mustard sauce and it was my first experience photo 2 (4)having such a sauce. It went perfectly with the pulled pork! It was slightly sweet but not overly, great tang from the mustard and it paired well with the coleslaw. AWESOME SANDWICH! The ribs were terrific! Not mushy, completely off the bone. They hold to the bone just enough but once you sink your teeth in, they are tender with a little spice from their vinegar pepper sauce. The coleslaw was delicious and had a bit of sweetness to it. I missed out on the smoked sausage as they were out at that time but that is an item I plan on devouring the next time I visit. Our server was fast, friendly, and knowledgeable and the experience as a whole gets two thumbs up.

This was opening night at Mosley’s and my wife and I are already craving another trip back. The scary thing is that this place will keep getting better and better too which is going to make many BBQ fanatics in this area very happy indeed! Will be back sooner than later……hopefully this weekend again! Cheers!

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